Dr. Evil, Brand Manager

I have been in many, many meetings with many, many clients across a range of industries ranging from baby food to tobacco, and pharma to fashion.  And without fail, there would always be the “Dr. Evil” moment. I’ve decided to catalog a brief timeline of demands:

  • 1996: “I want a million hits”
  • 1998: “I want a million page views”
  • 1999: “I want a million visitors”
  • 2000: “I want a million email addresses”
  • 2001-2004: “I don’t have a digital budget”
  • 2005: “I want a million virals”
  • 2006: “I want a million MySpace friends”
  • 2007: “I want a million YouTube views”
  • 2008: “I want a million Facebook fans”
  • 2009: “I want a million Twitter followers”
  • 2010: “I want a million Foursquare check-ins” *
  • 2011: “I want a million Google+ circle adds” (starting two weeks from today)

*Actually it was “I want a Foursquare badge”, but I’m not going to c-c-c-combo break myself

The eternal optimist within me hopes that the moment when Mark Zuckerberg stated that the number of users on Facebook didn’t matter, but that the focus of social was on sharing that there would be a global marketing epiphany. Clear realization that reach without engagement is nothing more than a round number presented at a marketing off-site. (With mediocre southwest chicken wraps, and a bad pasta salad – you know what I’m talking about).  The realist however is fully preparing for “I want a million iTelepathy connections” in 2021.  

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