Social Media: Does Size Matter?

In the world of marketing, social media is center stage right now. In fact, the hysteria surrounding this area of digital marketing has extended beyond the boardrooms of corporate marketers, all the way to small business owners.

The hysteria is fueled by those who promote an ego-centric approach to social media management. For some, size matters…a little too much! The point of businesses being active in social media isn’t just to obtain the largest (and possibly irrelevant) following.

Your social media strategy should be about engagement. Throngs of followers aren’t going to do anything for your business if they’re not engaged. However, those that are engaged will become your prime evangelists.

So, don’t play the numbers game. Don’t hire some guru who says he will deliver to you countless followers, which in turn will make your business surge. Not only will that not work, it may actually backfire by making your brand look meaningless, and yes, unengaged!

Still not sure about how to handle your social media strategy? Take a look at this video – you’ll get the point, along with a good laugh!

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