Interaction Design Video Sketchnotes – Bill Verplank

“I love this short video from Bill Verplank, where he draws as he talks, fleshing out the basic concepts of Interaction Design in a sketchnote-like way.

From the Designing Interactions site, this is a description of Bill’s ability to talk and draw ideas:

Bill Verplank has an amazing ability to draw at the same time as he talks. If you meet him and ask him a question about interaction design, you can sit at the nearest table or desk and be mesmerized by the fluency of his answer. His words are easy to understand, and as he talks he builds a beautiful diagram that reinforces what he is saying. You can take the drawing with you as a reminder and summary of his ideas about interaction design, which have evolved over many years.

What a great approach to aspire to and practice for!”


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